Preparing For Transporting Your Vehicles Interstate

May 12, 2018

A lot of people are always cautious of interstate transportation due to the price. There is an invariable difference in costs between car transportation, motorcycle transportation, transportation of machinery, or if at a point in time your vehicle was involved in an accident while travelling. This would require the service of car removalists that work interstate or locally.

The main issue people are more concerned about is cost, when it comes to shipping their vehicles between different states. Well, it isn’t rocket science to figure that transporting a vehicle from Sydney to Perth would be more expensive compared to shipping a vehicle from Melbourne to Adelaide.

The general rule of thumb in interstate transport is that, the longer the distance the vehicle is being transported, the more expensive it is. Interstate transport though reduces to about $0.40/km while transporting within the state or regionally should be within the range of $120.

Another factor that can significantly influence the cost of interstate transportation is the type of vehicle you’d like to ship or whether or not you are using car removalists, vehicles that are on the big side like vans, trucks, SUV’s or 4WD’s would cost a lot more than their smaller and compact counterparts. Also, using an enclosed trailer for luxury vehicle transport is definitely going to incur extra cost added to the distance covered. Essentially, the smaller the vehicle, the smaller the cost and vice versa.

A key factor that also influences interstate vehicle transportation is the area the vehicle is being transported from, If it’s in a rural area which is not easily accessible through a town, it could lead to higher costs. Though, this is not a key reason for increased costs, but if the pick-up or destination area is not usually frequented by carriers, or it’s a little difficult for carriers to reach highways, then it can also impact the cost of transportation.

Door to door shipment also differ from depot to depot shipment. Each has its own inherent advantages and disadvantages. If you choose the depot to depot option, you’re going to incur vehicle storage fees apart from the vehicle transportation fees that you’ve paid for. Apart from that, the depot may not be close to your home, which would invariably increase your travel cost.

Another expense that add to interstate car transportation costs is the price of fuel. This may not seem insignificant but taking into consideration that the price of fuel is not stable and may differ between regions. Thanks to Federal Parliament passing legislation to repeal Carbon Tax in 2014 it has become a non-issue. Notwithstanding, the costs of fuel in more ways than one determine the price of interstate transport.

How fast would you like to transport your car? If you want the car delivered as fast as possible, you may like to choose express delivery, there are standard rates for standard delivery that would only mean you’d be without your car for a little while. Express delivery could deliver your car the same day or within a few days while standard delivery may take as long as 15 days depending on the destination. Other factors that could influence the delivery of your car apart from distance is weather conditions and quarantine inspection checks.

To be on the safe side and to get the best value for money, make sure you compare prices between interstate vehicle carriers and check out the company I linked above.

Preparing For Transporting Your Vehicles Interstate - May 12, 2018 -