How To Be Profitable Using A Cutting Flower Garden

May 30, 2018

There is a huge misconception that you need huge tracts of land to grow your own flowers but this is actually not the case. As with vegetables, you can make do with the small space you have for flowers by making sure you use up every square inch in any way possible. A cutting garden in this case would be the best way to go but how, you ask. Well, it is actually pretty easy.

The first step is planning your flowers. Considering that you will be making do with old teapots, mason jars and other recycled containers, short-stemmed flowers are the way to go. You can still try your lick with long stemmed flowers but you may need to single out a number of long vases. Keep in mind that when marketing to restaurants and hotels, short stemmed flowers are preferable while the long stemmed ones are what you would deliver to the farmers market. If you are doing flower delivery for a church, then the latter would definitely be much preferable than a lower arrangement which would be able to be seen from a distance. The idea behind short arrangements in restaurants is so that people can get to see each other at the table and have a conversation unhindered.

Next, get a mix of colour going in your arrangement. This goes a long way in ensuring that you as a florist are marketable to a diverse market. Apart from hotels and restaurants, another avenue that florists make a lot of money in is weddings. A bridesmaid bouquet can go for as much as $100 while a bridal bouquet has been known to cost as much as $300. Experimenting with colour can give you a chance to rake in these profits even if you just manage to deliver one wedding bouquet a weekend. So, with this in mind, artemisia, peonies, hydrangea and yarrow would be a perfect mix of long and short colourful flowers.

As a florist around Albert Park, you may want to make sure that you get some fresh-cut flowers all season long for this, you need flowers that bloom in spring, summer as well as fall, visit this page for more information and examples. Perennials can be seen as the cheaper option but the initial costs might put a dent in your pocket. It is however important to note that this will play off. However, being smart with your dollar means investing in a number of season-long options that last a while after cutting such as hydrangeas and dahlias. Annuals are a great way to get started in your cut-flower garden considering how cheap they are but a word to the wise, if you are looking to make a quick buck soon after you start off with your garden then, they might not be such a good choice considering the fact that they take a little longer to grow.

The last thing you need to consider in your cutting garden is the fragrance. You want to create sweet smelling bouquets after all no bride wants a wedding bouquet that does not smell so good, right? You can easily achieve this by including a few stalks of oriental lilies.

As a florist, all it takes is flexibility and you can have a thriving flower delivery business as well as a garden in your own home just using a few old containers. That being said, sometimes just ordering your flowers from a florist in Port Melbourne can be a more attractive alternative, you can find one here. Using a professional, well established florist can often save you a lot of heartache, time and money. Although don't let that deter you if you are truely passionate about getting into floristry.

How To Be Profitable Using A Cutting Flower Garden - May 30, 2018 -